Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The World According to Darby

I have decided to try and post daily all the great words of advise adn wisdom that I recieve from my dear 4 year old. I think that she hopes that one day , something will actually stick with me....

Friday, Feb. 27th -
Darby - Mom, I wish I could have a cat.
Mom - Well honey, you cant.
Darby - I know you are lergic, but you could move out and then I could get a cat...
Mom - Well, honey, you might be sad if I move out...
Darby - No, I will get a cat.
Mom - I wont be able to visit you.
Darby - So???

As this conversaion is going on, poor Neely in the back of the car starts to cry. I ask what is wrong and she replies, "I really Really want a cat too...." as she trails of sobbing. I am feeling a bit replaceable right now till Max chimes in and say, "Mom is not moving out!" I feel redeemed! Till he says, "Who would do the laundry?"

Sunday, March 1st
Darby - Mom, I like it when Todd licks his bum.
Mom - Darby ! Thaat is soo disgusting! Why would you say things like that?
Darby - He likes it!
Mom - What would you do if Todd licked you right after he licked his bum?
Darby - Mom, I would ask him to only lick Max! If I was a mommy, Todd could always lickhis bum!

Monday, March 2nd
When I picked Darby up from school, I asked her what she learned today. She stared at me blankly, so I tried to prompt her about what I tought they were talking about that day, which was water transportation.
Mom - Did you learn about boats and water?
Darby - Yes, and how to move on the water.
Mom - What else did you learn?
Darby - About surfboards, and you can't walk on it, but you can grab a dolphin if you need to.....

I get so happy when she tells me things like that. It shows her imagination just growing and growing.


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  2. How awesome you finally have a blog! It will be great to see pictures and read how the fam is doing!

  3. Hi Merin! I like your blog!! Kids are so funny aren't they!! It's great that you are getting this all down.

    I hardly ever see you!! I guess I need to go down to Primary sometimes!! It is so great to see Max helping with the Sacrament.

  4. That girl just cracks me up! Her and Jake would be trouble together!

  5. That is so cute but I am waiting for the next thing Darby has to say or did you mussel her? Tme to post don't ya think?


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My Angels
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